virgin silver liquid mercury

Mercury is a kind of fluid metal in normal temperature with fluidity. It get heaviest density in all liquid. Many different metal could dissolve into amalgam in mercury, thallium most, its dissolve 42.8% when 18 degree Celsius, iron the least, 1.0*10-17%, so mercury could be packed with ironware.

Chemical property of mercury is stable, which is not easy to be oxidized and corroded. When activated with sulfur, HgS is produced, when activated with chlorine, HgCl3 or Hg2Cl2.Standard electric potential is +0.86, electrochemical equivalent is 7.483 gram/ampere.hour.

Mercury and the compound get many kinds of uses, like chemical, electric appliance, instrument, medicine, metallurgy, military, new technique and so on.

In chemical industry, mercury cathode electrolyze salt solution into chlorine and caustic soda. It is also used as substitute for water as heating medium or thermostat of higher temperature in distillation equipment. Mercury is widely used in electric appliance and equipment, as mercurial thermometer, gyroscope or pressure capsule for airplan or steamer sailing at night. It could be used in production of different electric switch, mercury lamp, mercury rectifier, oscillator, mercury battery and primary battery and so on. Mercury also could be sued as coolant and anti-radiation material in atomic reactor. Considering mercury could be melted with various metal into amalgam, it is used in metallurgy to extract and purify metal, as patio process in gold or other rare metals purification. Gold or silver amalgam turn hard rapidly, which is used as dental material usually.

Main used in refining gold.after screening by water,the granule left is different size grain,even ash.The larger granule could be picked out,but many of which is too small to pick.It could be use mercury to recover,because the mercury could absorb gold,when don’t take in fully,it still fluid,then cover them with cloth,forcing out the redundant mercury,Amalgam is left.Distilling the mercury by put the amalgam in stove.The finished gold contain silver usually.Then using other method to dispart the gold and silver.

Mercury compound also have different uses.  Mercury oxide as antifouling composition could be used as oil paint for ocean ship bottom, depolarize in dry cell. Mercury bichloride used in tanning, photograph and so on. Mercury sulfide is a kind of red coating used in rubber and printing ink.

Physical Property

Density ( 20 degrees celsius)  13.546 g/cm3

Melting Point  -38.87 degree Celsius

Boiling Point  357 degree Celsius

Mean Specific Heat(0-100 degree Celsius) 138 J/(kg.K)

Melting Heat  2.324 kJ/mol

Vaporization Heat  61.1 kJ/mol

Heat Conductivity(0-100 degree Celsius)  8.65 W/(m.k)

Electrical Resistivity(20 degree celsius)  95.9  μΩ·cm

Alias:Virgin Silver Liquid Mercury,Quicksilver;Mercury metal 99.99%+ for analysis;Mercuryedistilled;Mercury solution 1000 ppm;Mercury solution 10 000 ppm

Purity:99.99%,free from heavy metals,virgin not used


CAS No.:7439-97-6

EINECS No.:231-106-7

UN No.:UN2809

HS Code: 2805400000

Molecular Formula:Hg

Molecular Weight:200.59

Physical State:silver Liquid metal,odourless

Vapor Pressure:0.002 mm Hg @25C

Vapor Density:7.0

Viscosity:15.5 mP @25 dig C

Boiling Point:356.72 dig C

Melting Point:-38.87 dig C





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