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The traditional disposable plastic knife, fork and spoon materials are not healthy to use, and are also unfavorable to environmental protection. Plastic has become a very serious pollution on the earth. So people urgently need the eco friendly cutlery. GREENWEIMO supply biodegradable cutlery including biodegradable knives, spoons and forks. They are not only with the good use function, but also are environmentally friendly utensils.



Biodegradable cutlery materials come from bagasse sugarcane, which can be treated together with kitchen waste after use without additional classification.


Eco friendly cutlery is a good substitute for plastic disposable cutlery, which protects the environment and does not increase the burden on the earth.


Biodegradable knife, biodegradable forks and biodegradable spoons, are easy to carry and use, clean and sanitary. These compostable cutlery can be used with biodegradable food bowls, bagasse plate, and other food packaging products made by us at the same time.


It can also be PFAS-Free, oil proof and water proof.


Biodegradable Cutlery for Dinning Room

In the western restaurant, the stainless steel tableware is shining under the elegant candle light, which is a high-quality dining atmosphere. It is said that the former Italian nobles were invited to eat. For health and pride, they brought their own knives, forks, and spoons to eat, but they may not imagine that they now have disposable tableware such as biodegradable knives, biodegradable spoons and biodegradable forks, which eliminates the cumbersome carrying and cleaning. It also guarantees a high level of hygiene standards. Although the size of knives, forks and spoons is small, they need to bear the weight of food and have the functions of cutting, cutting and pressing. For a long period of time, the production technology cannot make them meet the needs of people. But GREENWEIMO has never given up on research and development, and now it can finally provide the market with high-quality disposable cutlery made of sugarcane bagasse fiber. They are biodegradable cutlery, for biodegradable knives, they can cut regular foods such as apples and beef. Eco friendly cutlery is safe and healthy. Its material is derived from sugarcane fiber, which is biodegradable, compostable, does not have any burden on the earth, and at the same time is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material.

As one of the most professional biodegradable cutlery manufacturers, we provide biodegradable food bowls, bagasse compostable, biodegradable sugarcane packagingand etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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