SEM Track Type Tractor

Dual path hydrostatic drive with electronic control technology • Leverage Caterpillar technology and experience on TTT designing and production • Single lever for speed changes,Website:, direction control, counter rotation, power-steering operation delivers higher efficiency. • Counter-rotation and power-steering feature delivers excellent maneuverability on job sites. • Counter rotation—Tracks counter rotate to provide best in class maneuverability. • Power-steering —Machine maintains full power through steering to increase productivity. Comfortable Operation • Multi-function joystick allows for counter-rotation, powered turn and cruise control reduce operator’s working loading and improve the productivity. • Pilot joystick control provides comfortable precise blade operation. • Fuel level indicator is standard so that operator can know the instant fuel volume and charge it in time.  Blade and implementation system • SU blade combines the excellent penetration of the S blade and the high production capacity of the U blade. • L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine, providing excellent maneuverability, balance and blade penetration. • Blades feature a strong box section design, made from high tensile strength steel to stand up to the most severe applications. Undercarriageand brake system • Undercarriage is provided by a world class supplier ensures high reliability and resistance to wear. • Carrier rollers track rollers and idle rollers are all maintenance free. • Planetary final drive design delivers increased torque ratio for higher transmission efficiency and lower maintenance cost. • Durable final drive bearings and multiple wet disc brakes provide reliability, reduce system heat and extend overall life. Structures • Machine structures are analyzed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and On Machine Stress Analysis (OMSA) to identify and protect high stress areas. • Advanced structure welding technique, relieving welding stress. Cooling system • Standard cooling system meets -43°C ambient temperatures heat exchange requirementand +50°C high ambient cooling package is optional. • Modular designed radiator, avoid the interaction easy to disassemble and reassemble. •Hinged radiator louvered guard allows easy accessfor daily maintenance. Maintenance • Electronic Control Module (ECM) fault diagnosis system,automatic diagnosis of eight key parameters. • Monitoring system provides three levels alarming for signals from different system,easily indicate the location or system the failures or defects from • Small volume transmission oil requirement for hydrostatic system (40L only) with longer service interval (2000 hrs),reduces maintenance cost by 60%. • Implement valve mounted outside of hydraulic tank provides easy access to check and service. Model SEM816 SEM816LGP SEM822 SEM822LGP Operating Weight 17,230 kg 19,720 kg 23,680 kg 25,400 kg Ground Pressure 68 kPa 31.5 kPa 70 kPa 39 kPa Ground Clearance 410 mm 435 mm 394 mm 394 mm Max.Gradeability 30 30o 30o 30o Engine Model Weichai  WD10G 178E25 Weichai  WD10G178E25 Weichai   WD12G240E26 Weichai  WD12G240E26 Flywheel Power 120 kW /  160 hp 120 kW / 160 hp 162 kW / 220 hp 162 kW /  220 hp Working Tool Blade Type SU  ( S Blade is  Option ) S SU  (U Blade is  Option) S Blade Capacity 4.3 m 3 ( S 3.4 m³) 3.4 m3 6.4 m 3  U  7.5 m 3 5.5 m3 Blade Width 3,140 mm  (S 3,490mm ) 4,227 mm 3,720 mm   U 4,015 mm 4,617 mm Blade height 1,240mm ( S 1,165mm ) 1,000mm 1,511 mm   U 1,420 mm 1,345 mm Max. Blade Digging  Depth 430 mm 470 mm 563 mm 600 mm Max. Blade Lift  Ground Clearance 1,041 mm 1,055 mm 1,140 mm 1,165 mm Max.OutputRimpull 280 kN 280 kN 350 kN 350 kN Maximum Digging  Depth Of Ripper 584 mm N/A 650 mm N/A Maximum Clearance  Under Tip 615 mm N/A 640 mm N/A Powertrain Type Electronic control, Dual-path,  Hydrostatic Drive Electronic control, Dual-path,  Hydrostatic Drive Electronic control, Dual-path,  Hydrostatic Drive Electronic control,       Dual-path,  Hydrostatic Drive Travel Speed- F/R 0 - 10 km/hr  (Infinitely Variable  Speed Control) 0 - 10 km/hr (Infinitely Variable   Speed Control) 0 - 11.5 km/hr (Infinitely Variable  Speed Control) 0 - 11.5 km/hr (Infinitely Variable       Speed Control) Steering & Brake Hydrostatic  Steering,       Wet,  Multiple-Disc  Brakes Hydrostatic Steering,       Wet, Multiple-Disc Brakes Hydrostatic Steering,        Wet, Multiple-Disc Brakes Hydrostatic  Steering,       Wet, Multiple-Disc Brakes Minimum Steering  Radius 3610mm  (Counter-rotation  available) 3,740 mm (Counter-rotatedavaliable) 4,225mm (Counter-rotated avaliable) 4,300mm  (Counter-rotated avaliable) Undercarriage Track Shoe Width 510 mm 1,050 mm 560 mm 915 mm Track Shoe Quantity 37 piece 42 piece 40 piece 45 piece Length Of Track  On Ground 2,430 mm 2,925 mm 2,948 mm 3,488 mm Track Gauge 1,880 mm 2,300 mm 2,000 mm 2,340 mm Track Roller  Quantity 6/Side 7/Side 7/Side 8/Side Carrier Roller  Quantity 2/Side 2/Side 2/Side 2/Side Hydraulic System Type Pilot Control Pilot Control Pilot Control Pilot Control Implement Hydraulic  SystemPressure 19 Mpa 19 Mpa 19 Mpa 19 Mpa Service Refill  Capacities Cooling system 45 L 45 L 45 L 45 L Hydrostatic Oil 40 L 40 L 62 L 62 L Implement Oil 60 L 60 L 110 L 110 L Fuel 320 L 320 L 460 L 460 L Pivot Shaft Case  (each side) 1.2 L 1.2 L 0.8 L 0.8 L

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