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Haida Russian logistics line, our company is a company approved by the state specialized in international logistics company to Russian cargo shipping and customs clearance, much home company and Russia have a good basis for cooperation, has a stable and cooperative relations with the Russian customs agencies, provides a guarantee for the rapid clearance of goods customs clearance, the company has a number of customs supervision warehouse in Russia, the independent operation, all-round monitoring, tracking of goods, to provide accurate information for customer service, to ensure that the goods arrive on time. The company continues to expand capacity, improve operational mechanism, to ensure the safe transportation of goods, accurate, rapid arrival, to create a better for the majority of customer economic bridge, make the greatest efforts to provide customers the economic take-off, but also make great contribution to the Sino Russian trade. The company in good faith-based, customer service in its purpose, to provide customers with the most modern, the most perfect, the most high quality fast and convenient service, win-win situation with our customers to create brilliant tomorrow! Professional on the Russian customs clearance transportation services: customs clearance products are clothing, bags, shoes, furniture, lamps and lanterns, the size of electronic products, equipment department, artificial flowers, artificial marble products, shoes, caps, socks, semi-finished products, gloves, towels, bedding, fabrics, furniture, fishing gear, wall clock, plush toys, cloth, bags, vegetables travel bag, ceramic tile, building materials, metal parts, radiator, valve fittings, shower room and related accessories, sanitary ware, craft gifts, auto parts, cosmetics, civil, service industry and industrial products. Land, sea and railway transport, air transport, shipping line, to Moscow, leaf cards, Ussuri, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, and other major city of Vladivostok market clearance line! China - Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, leaf cards, Ukraine, Wusuli, Haba, medium-sized city in Russia

The company to the unique mode of transport service for you:

After 18 days of sea rail transportation for about 25 days, 45 days 8-12 days shipping cargo

Transportation compensation commitment:

The goods into the warehouse, in transit, lost goods or goods, not to buy insurance. The company according to the value of cost price lost the whole factory. Buy insurance, buy insurance according to the declared value of money. Ash off goods uniform requirements to buy insurance, according to the value of 2% charge.

Note: fragile goods, valuables, customers can play wooden box or wooden frame, in order to goods safety. Company on the goods in transportation, the goods package loss deduction, not broken, do not pack a small part of the damage. Human events, the company responsible for

If you have the intention, tele contact, sign the contract of carriage or to the relevant notary public.

Company location: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan

Company address: Shenzhen city Baoan District Fuyong town under ten confining Xiasha 11 Lane 12, first floor

Cargo tracking web site: http://www.hdkt.cn/

Service hotline: 18823819249 QQ:547263855 service QQ:247876213 Mr. Lu

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Russian air, sea and land double tax package, pay to borrow to pay cod! Haida Russian logistics lines, our company is a professional engaged in approved by the state on Russia's customs clearance and transport the int...
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