wedge wire screen,V wire screen, V wire wrap screen , V wire water well screen

Winding tube is composed of V-shaped wire and support bar, using the world's most advanced all around the welding process, each intersection with the welding connection, solid structure, good mechanical properties. V-shaped section to avoid clogging, while ensuring water flow. Continuous gap has a larger water area, while reducing the penetration rate of groundwater to avoid the sand in the larger water pressure into the tube, a better filter sand. The gap can also be changed according to different geology.

Around the wire tube (Johnson tube) the advantages of features:

1. The application of trapezoidal wire, so that the formation between the screen gap Vee-shaped openings. The design is more efficient than other forms of product operation, ensuring the smooth flow of water resources.
2. Trapezoidal wire continuous winding in the circular arrangement of the support wire to form a continuous high-density uniform gap, to ensure that the screen opening area and non-blocking, and to avoid the high density of sediment accumulation, in order to improve production efficiency and Extend the life of the wells to provide a guarantee.
3. Winding and all supporting wire are connected by welding, durable, longer working life cycle.
4. According to the actual needs of the design of the longitudinal arrangement of the support wire and the screen of the continuous form of the gap, making the product with a higher compression performance.
5. Wire size and connection can also be produced according to different needs

Wire Width(mm) 1.2 1.5 2 2.2 3 3 3.2 4 4
Wire Height(mm) 2.2 2.5 3 4.5 5 6 6.5 7 7.5

Oasis Oil Tools Co.,LTD

Oasis Oil Tools Co.,LTD, located in the industrial park of high-tech enterprises in Fengquan District, Xinxiang City, covers more than 20000 square meters with total RMB 15 million investment. Oasis now has more than 150 staff, among them 6 persons are senior engineer. Since founded, OASIS always adhere to the DEVELOPMENT ON INNOVATION, DEVELOPMENT ON EFFICIENCY AND TREAT CUSTOMERS WITH HONESTY business philosophy. After many years efforts, now OASIS has developed into a famous manufacturer which integrates the research and development, design, manufacture and sell water well screens/johnson screens, oil well screens and sand control well screens, bridge slotted well screens, pipe based well screens, perforated pipe (base pipe), gravel pre-packed well screens, wedge wire screens, passive water intake screens etc. water, oil and gas well filtering products as well steel tubes and pipes and industrial parts.

With imported fully automated computer numerical control equipment, Germany technology and advanced inspection methods, Oasis has developed more than 20 kinds of filtering products, the appearance and accuracy of which have a leading level at home and abroad. Our main products include the stainless steel/carbon steel/duplex stainless steel water well screens/Johnson well screens, pipe based well screens, perforated pipe, slotted pipe, bridge slotted well screens, sand control well screens, gravel pre-packed well screens, industrial filters, screen plate, passive water intake screens, water cap, resin trapper Besides, the surface of OASIS well screens can be galvanized and powder coated. The pipe products have stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, API/ISO oil well casing and related parts. Our well screens are widely applied in water well, oil well and gas well to control sand, filtering, paper making and chemical industry.
Oasis has the right to export well screens independently. Our water well screens have been exported to Russia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia etc. Countries, and have received good feedback from customer at home and abroad.
Oasis person will still adhere to A good screen makes a good well, services to customers, satisfied with customers etc business philosophy to get mutual development.


Contact: Emma
Add:Fengquan Industrial Park, Xinxiang City, Henan, 453000, China

Tel : www. oasiswellscreens.com

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