H2S scavenger Crude oil desulfurizer

TPS-2 high efficiency H2S scavenger is a composite mixture containing main agent heterocyclic compound , H2S scavenger synergist,, Catalyst, stabilizer and mutual solvents. It belongs to water-soluble oil dispersion type product.

It has the characteristics of fast scavenger speed, high scavenger capacity, high flash point, low condensation point (it can be lower than -30℃ according to field site requirements ) and so on.

The special structure heterocyclic compound and sulfides compounds like hydrogen sulfide can generate stable irreversible water-soluble or water dispersion products when it acts with HS-/S2- -formed by ionization.

These rreversible water-soluble or water dispersion substances are insoluble with hydrocarbon structure crude oil and natural gas, and has no adverse effect on purifying crude oil or natural gas quality. Lab experimental results show that there is no negative effect on the corrosion of the extracted water treatment system when these reaction products enter the wastewater system.

Compared with conventional heterocyclic organic amine or amine plus additives H2S scavengersw, The desulfurization efficacy of TPS-2 is more than two times efficient, the desulfurization speed is much faster;For the special production sites such as natural gas and remote sulfur containing crude oil single well, which requires low dosages and rapid desulfurization, TPS-2 shows extraordinary unparalelled advantages (compared with TPS-1 and other traditional Triazines types H2H scavengers.)

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