Classification:Pharmaceutical IntermediatesCas NO.:31643-49-9Molecular Formula:C8H3N3O2Melting Point:136-144℃Boiling Point:389.9 °C at 760 mmHgStability:null

Refractive index:1.602

Flash Point:189.6 °C

Purity:More than 98%

Appearance:light yellow, light greenish or light grey

usage:pharmaceutical intermediates

Brand Name:Joxin


Aliase:Pharmaceutical Intermediates China

Purity:More than 98%

Appearance:Off-white to pale yellow crystalline powder


This product is produced independently by our company and is mostly used in pharmaceutical intermediates.Welcome foreign purchasers to Taixing, China, to visit and negotiate projects


Appearance:Off-white to pale yellow crystalline powder


Melting Point:142~145℃

Loss on drying:≤1.0%

Usage:Intermediate for pharmaceutical and dye.


Transportation Caution: No large risk,as general chemicals.

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