Calcium Sulfonate

calcium sulfonateT106B High Base Number Synthetic Calcium SulfonateProduct IntroductionT106B high base number synthetic calcium sulfonate is one of the series of petroleum additives developed by us through technical cooperation with Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing.  It’s mainly made from heavy alkyl benzene sulfonate by means of neutralization and high-base reaction. As a major metal detergent, this product has excellent acid neutralization capacity, good anti-rust property and high-temperature detergency, so it is widely used for different engine oil.Specification  ItemsTypical ValueTest MethodsDensity(20℃), kg/m3ReportGB/T2540Kinematic Viscosity (100℃) mm2/sReportGB/T265Flash Point(COC),℃≥ 170GB/T3536TBN,mgKOH/g≥ 325SH/T0251Calcium,m%≥ 11.5GB/T17476,SH/T0270Sulfur,m%≥ 1.25GB/T17476Water Content,m%≤ 0.2GB/T260Machinery Impurities,m%,≤ 0.1GB/T511Turbidity,JTU≤200SH/T0028Packing & Storage The product shall be packed in 200L metal drum or packed according to the customer's requirements. It shall be transported by container or truck. The storage temperature should not exceed 45℃. The product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and application, it is the same as general petroleum products, there is no need for special protection.Avoid contacting with strong oxidant when in use. The storage period is two-year.In case of skin contact, wash it off thoroughly with detergent and water.

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