Brominated Polystyrene

Brominated Polystyrene

Application:This flame retardant provides outstanding thermal stability and electrical performance. It is particularly suitable for engineering plastic applications such as polyesters(PET,PBT,PCT)and polyamides(nylons).It has outstanding thermal stability , it is an ideal choice for high temperature applications such as engineering plastics . Due to its stability , it can often be used where other flame retardants fail to survive . Due to its polymeric structure , it is nonblooming in all applications . Excellent electrical properties provide yet another reason to choosethis flame retardant for demanding engineering plastic 

Appearance:yellowish powder

Bromine content:66% min

Chlorine content:1.5%max

Melting point:260-320℃

Soft point:220-240℃

Volatile matter:0.2%max

Color:gardner(10% in MCB) 3.0max

Package:In 25Kgs pp woven bag(inner PE bag) or 1000kgs hulk bag;package can also be made according to client's request.


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