Oven Baked Pet Food Series

The oven-baked food series is made of high-quality salmon, Gadus, chicken, duck meat, and other delicious meat and refined by the oven baking process. As a kind of organic pet food, it is different from oven baked tradition.

Compared with traditional high temperature and high-pressure technology, oven baking technology can security products such as oven baked cat food keep fresh meat content and lock up more nutrients, which is also more beneficial to adjust and enrich the taste of pets. In order to provide adequate nutrition and safe health protection for your pets, our oven baked dog foodhas not used pigments, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, etc in them.

Oven Baked Pet Food Types

Oven Baked All-breed Adult Dog Food (Chicken & Salmon)

Oven Baked All-breed Puppy Food (Chicken & Duck)

Oven Baked All-breed Adult Cat Food (Salmon & Gadus)

Oven Baked All-breed Adult Cat Food (Chicken & Duck)

How Baked Dog Foods Are Different

Usually, oven bake traditionfoods is cooked without pressure and steam. Compared with extruded pet food, oven-baked dog foods take longer time, but this kind of slow baking technique is beneficial to the digestion of nutrients. Extruded pet food makers tend to directly add minerals and vitamins to make up the lost nutrients.

Reasons Why Your Pets Need PetgoodOven Baked Pet Food

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