88477-37-6 Irgamet 42

Tolutriazole Derivative

Product Code: A1324

Product Description: Tolutriazole Derivative Rz-W42

Brand Name: Aquacor® Rz-W42

CAS NO.: 88477-37-6

Main content: equal to Irgamet 42

Application: Rz-W42 is used as corrosion inhibitor in all types of water based fluids,

Antifreeze (engine coolants), high

water based hydraulic fluids (HFA),Water glycol hydraulic fluids (HFC),Metalworking fluids (emulsions and


It has the same good performance as Irgamet 42.

Note: Aquacor® Rz-W42 can help to strengthen corrosion inhibiting ability.

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