Egret fiberglass tapeadopts fiberglass or glass fiber as the backing material. Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers can be randomly arranged or woven into glass cloth. One of the fiberglass tapes is called filament tape. Its backing material is BOPP or PET, reinforced by strip or mesh glass fiber. Then coated with strong pressure-sensitive glue. Why use fiberglass as backing? Because it has very strong tensile strength even more than metal and is non-conductive, cheaper, and more flexible than carbon fiber material. Egret fiberglass tape refers to monofilament tape, bidirectional filament tape, as well as double-sided scrim tape.

Types of Fiberglass Tape

There are many types of fiberglass tapes. Egret fiberglass tape mainly refers to mono filament tape, bidirectional filament tape, double sided scrim tape. Besides, aluminum fiberglass tape, fiberglass cloth tape, fiberglass drywall tape, fiberglass adhesive tape, biaxial fiberglass fabric tape, fiberglass woven tape, Teflon tape PTFE, etc. They are very popular in building industries.

Advantages of Fiberglass Tape

Egret fiberglass tape has many advantages, such as high standard durability, rust resistance, non-conductive, tear resistant, better alternative to steel tape.

In the meantime, thanks to its high tensile strength, it can be applied to heavy carton bundling, and packing.

Also, used for home appliance parts temporary fixing, and no glue residue after you remove them.

Moreover, it has good electrical insulation features, excellent reinforcement features, and outstanding resistance to abrasion, moisture, and vapor. And no delamination, flexible, can conform well to irregular surfaces, as well as high-temperature resistance.

How to Work with Fiberglass Tape?

As there are many types of fiberglass tape. Here I just make filament tape as an example, it is also called fiberglass strapping tape.

How to use it? So easy! But, because it is high tear resistance, with high tensile strength.

Before using, we recommend you buy an automatic tape dispenser.

You can put Egret fiberglass tape into the dispenser, turn on the machine, slit one small piece of tape, and then apply it on the refrigerator glass shelf, container or cabinet.

There are many adhesive tape manufacturers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

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