Egret so-called kraft paper tapeor brown paper tape is used a lot as packing sealing tape, and for refrigerator internal parts fixing. Normally is coated with natural rubber glue or solvent based acrylic adhesive. Plus, it has no liner. The base material is brown kraft paper laminated with PET film or other chemical material. The material is very thin, and has low tensile strength and low elongation, not stretchable, and very easy to tear. Because of this feature, it is suitable for packing the carton, sealing the gap, stop the leakage, etc. In the meantime, after you remove the tape, it has no glue residue on the surface.

Features of Kraft Tape

90-micron kraft paper backing

Single sided laminate with PET film or other chemical film

Coated with instant high tack rubber/resin adhesive

Easy hand-tear for easy application & printable

Easy degradation, no pollution to environment

High conformability & tensile strength

Ideal vapor and moisture barrier

Egret , as an excellent adhesive tape factory, offers a wide range of adhesive tape for you to choose from.

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