Aluminium Titanium Boron-Al-Ti-B Grain Refiner

General description of Aluminium Titanium Boron-Al-Ti-B Grain Refiner

In casting applications, the control of grain size is very critical in maintaining the consistency of the supreme productivity and quality as well as in reducing costs. The controlled addition of grain refiners to molten aluminum release nucleus that promotes uniform. Fine grain structures throughout the cast alloy. Thus avoiding the formation of columnar crystals. Casting speed can be increased and improved feeding characteristics achieved.

The most popularly used grain refiners contain a binary alloy of Titanium & Aluminium or the most effective ternary alloy of Titanium, Boron & Aluminium. The triple alloy structurally contains two phases namely, Titanium-di-Bioroids & Titanium-Aluminium complex. These phases contribute towards grain refinement. Adjusting compositions and controlling structures. Supplies in different forms: such as waffle ingot, cut rod, coils, small ingot and can also be customer-made.

ADVANTAGES of Aluminium Titanium Boron-Al-Ti-B Grain Refiner

lThe consistency of bright color & form reduced costs.

lImproves chemical homogeneity of the products, avoids centerline segregation and reduces central porosity.

lBy reducing grain size, improves the mechanical properties of metal such as workability, ductility, and hardness.

lImprove the surface quality of casting especially when the component is surface treated.

lImprove the plasticity of products.

lNo harmful gases are liberated during the addition reducing pollution problems

The application method of Aluminium TitaniumBoron-Al-Ti-B Grain Refiner

The Al-Ti-B model and adding amount depend on many factors.these factors include alloy model, recycling aluminum proportion. Grain size requirements, the production process.

The clean degree of the grain refiners is the final products quality assurance. Therefore Al-Ti-B alloy refining performance is an important as the internal metallurgical quality.

The form of Aluminium Titanium Boron-Al-Ti-B Grain Refiner

lWaffle ingot—globally used, 7-8kgs/ingot

lSmall button and cast cut bar of 100g,200g,300g,500g;

l9.5mm dia coil rod and cut rod are convenient for both rod feeder and occasional addition. such products can also be customer-made for accurate and easy use. 100kgs/coil or 200kgs/coil; cut rod of standard length 1 meter.

Product specifications(Al-Ti-B)



Percentage of elements

3TiBAl series





5TiBAl series





10TiBAl series




Product specifications(Al-Ti)



Percentage of other elements


5% Ti balance Al

Si。ワ0.3 Fe。ワ0.3 Ni。ワ0.05 Cr。ワ0.05


6% Ti balance Al

Si。ワ0.3 Fe。ワ0.3 Ni。ワ0.05 Cr。ワ0.05


10% Ti balance Al

Si。ワ0.3 Fe。ワ0.3 Ni。ワ0.05 Cr。ワ0.05


15% Ti balance Al

Si。ワ0.3 Fe。ワ0.3 Ni。ワ0.05 Cr。ワ0.05

lStrictly implement the national standards and industrial standards

lAccording to the demands of customers, be unified to research & develop new products and apply them.

lCustomize according to the demands of customers

lProvide technologies and keep secret for the privileged products of customers

lProvide after-sales services for customers.

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