N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine BDMA

Product Name: N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine

Alias: BDMA; Benzyldimethylamine.

Product number: R1112

Brand: RZ-BDMA

CAS: 103-83-3

Main content: more than 98%

Application: N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine is mainly used as a catalyst, antiseptic, acid neutralizer and accelerator in the organic synthesis of dehydrogenated halide. It is also used in the synthesis of quaternary ammonium salt and the production of cationic surfactant, and it is widely used in the polyurethane industry and epoxy resin. It mainly plays the role of catalyst in the soft foam, hard bubble and adhesive coating of polyurethane material; it has good curing effect for epoxy resin electronic materials in encapsulation, packaging, coating and ship paint.

Note: 25kg/ barrel, 180kg/ barrel;

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