Classification: Others

Cas NO.: 544-31-0

Molecular Formula: C18H37NO2

Melting Point:

Boiling Point: 461.5 °C at 760 mmHg

Stability: null

Refractive index:1.462

Flash Point: 232.9 °C

Purity: 98%

Appearance: White solid.


Brand Name: myland

EINECS: 208-867-9

Aliase: PEA

Purity: 98%

Appearance:white flake powder

Brand: myland

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 25Kg/ barrel

Delivery Detail:

Detailed Description

Product Name: Palmitoylethanolamide

Abbreviation: PEA

CAS number: 544-31-0

Chemical formula: C18H37NO2

Purity: 98%

Appearance: white flake powder

Packing: 25Kg/ barrel

Description: palmitic amide alcohol (PEA) is a kind of high melting point of the amide nonionic surface active agent on the distribution of shampoo, soap and cosmetics. At the same time, pea and an endogenous cannabinoid analogs, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory and other health functions.

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