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WISANKA INDONESIA is a perfect choice for high quality furniture product with 20 years experiences. As one of leading manufacturer, WISANKA has become leader in furniture export industry in Indonesia. We will provide with passionate service to fulfill any requirement and need to achieve customer satisfaction. Our managerial expertise, highly skill workmanship and creativity of our people will deliver multi beneficial business relationship as well as high quality product.

Finally, we humbly hope that our team good capabilities and good quality product will give you so much benefit to your business, as we are going to achieve it within our heart. We will assure that you are in right decision by choosing us and excellent choice. And we will be very proud to be part of your prime choice.




Alexa Bedroom
Alexa Bedroom Designed to enhance your beautiful bedroom with more passion, Alexa will bring you proud in your lifestyle.
Ancelote Bedroom
Ancelote Bedroom Masculine design for your little prince, Ancelote will make you son stronger like a warrior.
Fatima Living
Fatima Living Female living series will enhance up your house look so pretty anytime.
Sefina Living
Sefina Living Sefina living series designed to make confession. Expertise from desire, Sefina will comforting your colleague to accompany you in the future.
Fausta Living
Fausta Living Designed to meet with european customer, Fausta will make your living room so interesting and comfort.
Minerva Diningroom
Minerva Diningroom Luxury dining set who will make you rises up on the kingdom dinner
Rococo Bedroom
Rococo Bedroom Luxury rococo bed reproduction will guide you into venetian era.
Adrienne Diningroom
Adrienne Diningroom Big dining table and chairs to serve your guest and family all the day at christmas eve
Jovanna Diningroom
Jovanna Diningroom Compatible diningroom to fit your home space and able to combine with any kind of interior style