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Tianjin Sanhuan Chemical Co., Ltd established in 1995,Specializing in dyes and dye intermediates research and development, production and sales,it is Chinese dyestuff industry has a sustainable development potential and outstanding enterprises.

The company has excellent product development expertise and technical personnel, The-job staff are to undergo a rigorous technical and safety training and assessment, all employees have very high professional quality. The company has advanced production equipment; years of accumulated scientific production technology and experience; complete product testing methods and strict quality management system, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system. GB/T19001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Company offers a full range, high-cost-effective textile dyes, mainly including: basic dye; neutral dye; acid dyes and dyes intermediates. Our products not only popular in China, but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions

The company has consistently adhered to market-oriented, uphold and customer win-win cooperation strategy, constant innovation, forge ahead, timely introduction of textile and chemical industry in line with trends, new products to meet market demand and new technology, constantly seeking to establish common development with customers partnership. After 10 years of joint efforts of all employees, the company successfully transformed into the main domestic trade and foreign trade to adapt to market changes.

In the fierce market competition, the company is committed to the upstream industry chain development in the area with a raw material resources invested in “Inner Mongolia JinmengChemical Co., Ltd” “Inner Mongolia BoyaChemical Co., Ltd” “Tianjin Boda sulphuric acid industrial Co., Ltd” “Tianjin Weiduo technology development Co., Ltd” and other companies, enabling the company to provide customers with more competitive products.

Currently, the Company is in the further development and expansion, by adhering to the "quality first, reputation first" purpose, would like to sincerely cooperate with all friends and common development, create brilliant!


acid black 172
acid black 172 Molecular formular: C40H20N6O14S2NA2Cr Molecular Weight: 970.68 CAS No.: 57693-14-8 Appearance : Black even powder Solubility: Easy to dissolve in ...
Beta-Naphthol Specifications:1. Beta-Naphthol, Purity: 99% min, few impurities, Pigment intermediate, dye intermediate2. Solubility: It is flammable and water in...
2-Aminophenol Specifications:Best price 2-Aminophenol(95-55-6)Name 2-AminophenolSynonyms 2-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene; O-HydroxyanilineMolecular Formula C6H7NOMolecu...
Basic Blue 9
Basic Blue 9 Basic blue 9 / methylene blueCAS No.: 61-73-4C. I. No.: 52015Appearance:Golden red or antique copper flash powderStrength: 100%
Basic Violet 1
Basic Violet 1 Specificationsmethyl violet 2b crystals/powderBasic violet 1STRENGHT 100% 90%80% 50%Basic DyesNameBasic Violet 1SynonymsMethyl Violet; C. I. 42535;...
6-Nitro Specifications:2-Amino-6-nitro-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid96-93-5M F: C6H6N2O6SM W: 234.182-Amino-6-nitro-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acidMolecular Formula C6...
Orthanilic acid
Orthanilic acid Chemical name: Orthanilic acid CAS No.: [88-21-1] Properties: (1) Gray white powder, slightly soluble in water, soluble in concentrated chlorhydric...
6-Aclap CAS No.: 40306-75-0Type: Dyestuff IntermediatesColour: Light brown ColourFormula: C8H10N2O5SMW: 246.24EINECS No.: 254-879-26 ACETYL AMINE 2 AMINO P...
Basic Violet 3
Basic Violet 3 Specifications1) Basic Violet 32) CAS No: 548-62-93) Appearance: Dark green powder4) More than 12 years experience5) Timely delivery
Basic Violet 3
Basic Violet 3 Specifications1) Basic Violet 32) CAS No: 548-62-93) Appearance: Dark green powder4) More than 12 years experience5) Timely delivery