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Our company supplies the following products from manufacturers in Russia from 1 container:

-Fish products


-Vegetable oil


-Milk powder


and other agricultural goods and raw materials on request



Flour 1st grade
Flour 1st grade Flour 1st grade GOST in the following amounts:Production of Krasnodar region:1.Flour grade 1 - 9700 tons The production of the Stavropol territory:...
The SOY The soy protein in the average 30-34%, the price depending on the protein content.
Soy products
Soy products Soy products Krasnodar Krai from the manufacturer: soybean oil GOST Soybean meal, protein-44% Soybean meal, protein 52%
Milk powder
Milk powder Milk powder - 1.5% fat , production of the Stavropol territory. more then 2000 tonn
Frozen fish
Frozen fish ТРЕСКАТИХООКЕАНСКАЯPACIFIC COD (Gadus Macrocephalus Tilesius) МИНТАЙALASKA POLLACK (Theragra Chalcogramma Pallas) ТЕРПУГ MACKEREL(Pleurogrammus Mon...