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Yiho is a rubber products manufacture with a series of advanced process equipment , Our factory has a complete line of production ,compounding rubber, material testing, hydraulic plate vulcanizing,injection sulfide, manual and automatic de-flashing,washing, inspection, and, packaging. Our factory is located in Xiamen, China,which is a standard factory that covers an area of 36,000 square-feet. We are specializing in producing rubber products including O-ring,gaskets,seal-ring, and rubber metal parts,etc.We currently produce tens of millions of rubber parts per month ,and exploit rubber material and mould according to customers' demands. We have the material merchants in a long term cooperation who can cooperature with us. Yiho company's team has been engaged in the production of rubber products since 1994. With decades of rubber products manufacturing technology and experience,which focuses on product exploitation,telenology innovation and the effective management of enterprise ,improve enterprise production technology and product quality continuously, and provide high quality products and services to meet customers' demands. We are committed to comply with the qualitysystem and the time of the delivery and we guarantee unconditional replacement of non-qualifying products.What is your best choice is that our commitment to quality products and reasonable price.


Rubber Pump Accessory
Rubber Pump Accessory Rubber Pump Accessory,Rubber Pump Parts
Wiper Seal
Wiper Seal Wiper Seal,Seal
O Ring Cord
O Ring Cord O Ring Cord,O Ring
Silicone Washer
Silicone Washer Silicone Washer,Gasket
FDA Seal
FDA Seal FDA Seal,Seal
Rubber Bellow
Rubber Bellow Rubber Bellow,Auto Rubber Parts
Rubber Cap
Rubber Cap Rubber Cap,OEM Rubber Parts
Bonded Seal
Bonded Seal Bonded Seal,Rubber Bonded Metal Parts
Rubber Seal Strip
Rubber Seal Strip Rubber Seal Strip,Seal
Scraper Seals
Scraper Seals Scraper Seals,Seal
Silicone Gasket
Silicone Gasket Silicone Gasket,Gasket
Rubber Feet
Rubber Feet Rubber Feet,Rubber Vibration Absorber
Rubber Pad
Rubber Pad Rubber Pad,OEM Rubber Parts
Rubber Dust Seal
Rubber Dust Seal Rubber Dust Seal,Seal
V-rings V-rings,O Ring
X-rings X-rings,O Ring
Seal Ring
Seal Ring Seal Ring,Seal
Rubber Bushing
Rubber Bushing Rubber Bushing,OEM Rubber Parts
Hydraulic Seal
Hydraulic Seal Hydraulic Seal,Seal
Auto Rubber Accessory
Auto Rubber Accessory Auto Rubber Accessory,Auto Rubber Parts
Silicone Shower Head
Silicone Shower Head Silicone Shower Head,OEM Rubber Parts
O-ring Sizes
O-ring Sizes O-ring Sizes,O Ring
Rubber Dustproof
Rubber Dustproof Rubber Dustproof,Auto Rubber Parts
O-ring O-ring,O Ring
O-ring Material
O-ring Material O-ring Material,O Ring
Rubber Sheath
Rubber Sheath Rubber Sheath,OEM Rubber Parts