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Founded in 2005, MESA is an outstanding enterprise in shower enclosure, and shower cabin industry in China--who combines R&D, manufacture, marketing and service in this field. As an outstanding enterprise in this field, MESA always adheres to the management principle: quality is the life of enterprise, innovation is the soul of the enterprise. we have over 60 national and international patents to protect our own design copyright. MESA have the ISO900, CE, and SGS quality control system to make sure what we supply with are good standard quality to meet with the requirement of our customers.


Oval Tubs
Oval Tubs Oval Tubs,Round Bathtub
Fiberglass Bathtub
Fiberglass Bathtub Fiberglass Bathtub,Round Bathtub
Freestanding Bathtub
Freestanding Bathtub Freestanding Bathtub,Round Bathtub
Round Hot Tub
Round Hot Tub Round Hot Tub,Round Bathtub
Air Jet Tubs
Air Jet Tubs Air Jet Tubs,Round Bathtub
54 Inch Bathtub
54 Inch Bathtub 54 Inch Bathtub,Corner Bathtub
Triangle Tub
Triangle Tub Triangle Tub,Corner Bathtub
Tub Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Rectangle Bathtub
Bath Bath,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Rectangle Bathtub
Bath Tubs
Bath Tubs Bath Tubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Rectangle Bathtub
Jet Tubs
Jet Tubs Jet Tubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Rectangle Bathtub
Air Bath Tub
Air Bath Tub Air Bath Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Rectangle Bathtub
Freestanding Tub
Freestanding Tub Freestanding Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Pedestal Bathtub
Acrylic Bathtubs
Acrylic Bathtubs Acrylic Bathtubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Pedestal Bathtub
Deep Soaking Tub
Deep Soaking Tub Deep Soaking Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Antique Bathtubs
Antique Bathtubs Antique Bathtubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Cast Iron Bathtub
Cast Iron Bathtub Cast Iron Bathtub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Clawfoot Tub Shower
Clawfoot Tub Shower Clawfoot Tub Shower,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Claw Tub
Claw Tub Claw Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Clawfoot Tub For Sale
Clawfoot Tub For Sale Clawfoot Tub For Sale,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Clawfoot Tub
Square Bathtub
Square Bathtub Square Bathtub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs
Acrylic Tub
Acrylic Tub Acrylic Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs
Recessed Tubs
Recessed Tubs Recessed Tubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs
Drop In Soaking Tubs
Drop In Soaking Tubs Drop In Soaking Tubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs
Pedestal Tubs
Pedestal Tubs Pedestal Tubs,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs
Alcove Tub
Alcove Tub Alcove Tub,Website:http://www.mesashower.com,Drop In Tubs