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With nearly 20 years development, E&R Wood Co., Ltd, have grown into an integrated professional wood enterprises that focus on producing Solid Wood Mouldings, Wrapping Profile Mouldings, Wood Veneers and Edge Bandings Veneers. A great deal of experience in wood business, advanced production equipment and professional management team, all of these make us become a good supplier and partner of our customers, such as furniture makers, door makers, plywood makers and others. And we will keep striving to supply the mouldings and wood veneers with guaranteed quality, competitive price, steady stock, on-time delivery, environmental protection and professional service to meet our customers' demand . The further details of our products are as below . Solid Wood Mouldings and Wrapping Profile Mouldings Equipped with the most advanced Barberan Wrapping Machine which is imported from Spain and the Electronic Four Side Moulder from Italy and Germany to produce all kinds of mouldings that are made of Solid wood, Aluminium, MDF, Finger joint wood board, LVL, Plywood and wrapped by Wood Veneers, PVC, Melamine Impregnated Paper, PU Decorative Paper and other wrapping material . The glue used are EVA and PUR which are very stable and environmental friendly. Wood Veneers We slice the Burl Veneers, Figured Veneers, Burma Teak Veneers and American Veneers species with high quality and competitve price to meet clients requested on luxury hotels’ decoration, producing high end furniture, panel furniture and producing door. Many different species rotary veneers are available at standard 4’X 8’ size and other cut to size . Such as okoume, birch, poplar, mersawa , bintangor, red color MLH, yellow color MLH. Pre-UV lacquered wrapping veneer and regular wrapping veneers are also available . Edge Banding Veneers Website:


PU Decoration Paper
PU Decoration Paper PU Decoration Paper,Website: Materials For Moulding
PVC PVC,Website: Materials For Moulding
Engineered Veneer
Engineered Veneer Engineered Veneer,Website: Materials For Moulding
Dyed Veneer
Dyed Veneer Dyed Veneer,Website: Materials For Moulding
Natural Wood Veneer
Natural Wood Veneer Natural Wood Veneer,Website: Materials For Moulding
Plywood Plywood,Website: For Moulding
Aluminium Aluminium,Website: For Moulding
Siding Siding,Website: Moulding
Paneling Paneling,Website: Moulding
Panel Mould
Panel Mould Panel Mould,Website: Moulding
Chair Rail
Chair Rail Chair Rail,Website: Moulding
Wall Cap And Step And Tread Cove And Scotia
Wall Cap And Step And Tread Cove And Scotia Wall Cap And Step And Tread Cove And Scotia,Website: And Stair Trim
Threshold And Spline
Threshold And Spline Threshold And Spline,Website: Accessories
Nosing And Reducer
Nosing And Reducer Nosing And Reducer,Website: Accessories
Crown Crown,Website: Moulding And Cornice
Cornice Cornice,Website: Moulding And Cornice
Stool And Stop
Stool And Stop Stool And Stop,Website: And Window Moulding
Plinth Plinth,Website: And Window Moulding
Apron Apron,Website: And Window Moulding
Backband Backband,Website: And Window Moulding
Casing Casing,Website: And Window Moulding
Door Frame
Door Frame Door Frame,Website: And Window Moulding
Shoe And Quarter Round
Shoe And Quarter Round Shoe And Quarter Round,Website: Moulding And Skirting
Base Cap
Base Cap Base Cap,Website: Moulding And Skirting
Base Board And Skirting
Base Board And Skirting Base Board And Skirting,Website: Moulding And Skirting
Zebrano Edge Banding
Zebrano Edge Banding Zebrano Edge Banding,Website: Banding Veneer