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Bestime is a one-stop printing factory based in Shenzhen, China, providing printing and distributing service to customers around the world. Main products are Books, Magazines, Booklets, Catalogs, Bibles, Notebooks, Yellow pages, Cards, Posters, Bags, Stickers, Labels, Decals, Paper and PVC boxes etc. All products are customized. No price list. If you need quotation, please let me know the specifications. It will be great if you could send me file or picture for reference. Website:


Matte Lamination
Matte Lamination Matte Lamination,Website:
Gloss Lamination
Gloss Lamination Gloss Lamination,Website:
Spot UV
Spot UV Spot UV,Website:
Embossing Embossing,Website:
Debossing Debossing,Website:
Hot Stamping
Hot Stamping Hot Stamping,Website:
Die Cut
Die Cut Die Cut,Website:
Leather Cover
Leather Cover Leather Cover,Website:
Fabric Cover
Fabric Cover Fabric Cover,Website:
Perforated Perforated,Website:
Drill Hole
Drill Hole Drill Hole,Website:
Hardcover Books
Hardcover Books Hardcover Books,Website:
Softcover Books
Softcover Books Softcover Books,Website:
Saddle Stitched Books
Saddle Stitched Books Saddle Stitched Books,Website:
Flexi-bound Books
Flexi-bound Books Flexi-bound Books,Website:
Self-adhesive Stickers
Self-adhesive Stickers Self-adhesive Stickers,Website:
Desk Calendars
Desk Calendars Desk Calendars,Website:
Decals Decals,Website:
Wall Calendars
Wall Calendars Wall Calendars,Website:
Calendar Books
Calendar Books Calendar Books,Website:
Plain Envelopes
Plain Envelopes Plain Envelopes,Website:
Color Envelopes
Color Envelopes Color Envelopes,Website:
Window Envelopes
Window Envelopes Window Envelopes,Website:
Playing Cards
Playing Cards Playing Cards,Website:
Invitations Invitations,Website:
Postcards Postcards,Website: