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Molypoly Technologies Co.,Ltd is dedicated to provide convenient and efficient electrical maintenance solution. Relying on the technologies of CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,Website: R&D department has abundant technical experience on electrical insulation, stress relief, oil resistance, fire resistance, waterproof and other fields. Molypoly rely on consummate quality assurance system, we persevere to improve the stability of products, ease of use, strict quality, sustainable and stable for customers with quality products. Our products are widely used in electric, communications, aviation and aerospace, automobile industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry, oil field, mining industry, rail transit and other fields.


Waterproofing Mastic Tape
Waterproofing Mastic Tape M566 Waterproofing Mastic TapeApplications:used for water proof and sealing in joints of base station, antenna, feeder cableFeatures:excellent wate...
Electrical Insulation Putty
Electrical Insulation Putty M511 Electrical Insulation PuttyApplications:Molyfast electrical insulation putty is a puttylike electrical grade compound in tape form.To insulate...
Mastic Sealing Collar Tape
Mastic Sealing Collar Tape M590 Mastic Sealing Collar TapeApplications:Designed for quick and easy insulating, padding and sealing of electrical connections. Sealing high vol...
RULLE Rubber Mastic Tape
RULLE Rubber Mastic Tape Applications:Use to repair cable jackets rapidly. And as the cable joints accessories widely used in heat shrinkable and cold shrink field.Features...