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SeeU intelligent Co., Ltd was set up in 2015. In behavior of the headquarter of China Lonrun Electronics Technology Co (GZ).,Website:, Ltd who was founded in 1994. Our company located in the business center of Nansha district, Guangzhou. It is not only the pioneer in the areas of Chinese CCTV cameras, Digital Video Recorder and Smart Home equipment, but also the executor with the proposal of High Definition technology in 24 hours a day. As a national-class high and new technology company in the industry of the video information technology, SeeU applies dozens of invention, industrial design and utility model patents and copyrights of software applications. Especially both “Manual Zoom” and “Dual Automatic Linear Synchronous Focusing” created the new area of world-wild night vision cameras in 2012 and owned the national-class award from the China Science and Technology Innovation Fund. The surveillance devices provided by SeeU have been wildly used in so many places and fields including the monitoring systems of finance, education, governmental justice, medical treatment and transportation; the enterprises of electricity, mine and oil; forest fire prevention, customs, ports, examination rooms, intellectual communities, safety of companies and families, cities and country sides.


H.265 NVR SU-N01X04-S5
H.265 NVR SU-N01X04-S5 SeeU Intelligent Limited is one of the top level China h.265 nvr su-n01x04-s5 manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company...