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 SunlighPharma was founded in 1990, covering a total area of 369,580㎡. Changzhou API & intermediates production site and Changzhou pharmaceutical preparations production site are located in Benniu biomedical industry park. It has already been certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System is in operation. SunlightPharma has already obtained Chinese drug manufacturing license, owning the industrial chain for pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and Preparations. With 80% of our products exported to international markets such as USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia, SunlightPharma has built steady cooperation relationship with hundreds of clients, including top 500 enterprises. Our API has already passed the audit by EDQM, USFDA and Chinese GMP, and got the COS certificate and EUGMP certificate.SunlightPharma now has over 500 staff, including foreign experts, and graduates from European, American, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Indian universities. Our R&D center has an excellent R&D team consisted of PhDs, Professors and senior engineers; We have already got 59 patents in China. Our technology of Catalytic Hydrogenation, Reductive Alkylation, Chiral Resolution, High-pressure Reaction, and Cryogenic Reaction are in the national leading position. Preparations R&D laboratory is equipped with advanced solid preparation researching and testing instrument, which can complete the research for general solid dosage forms and sustained and controlled release solid dosage forms.
Now we have already imported advanced testing instruments from America and Japan such as LC-MS, GC-MS, GC , HPLC, UPLC, FT-IR, UV/VIS, AA, automatic moisture meter as well as automatic titrator.


Benzocaine Remark:The global market share of Benzocaine in Sunlight is 80%! Benzocaine is a fat soluble surface anaesthetic. Compared with several other loca...
PABA CAS:150-13-0 apperance:White or white crystalline powder content:98.5-101.5% package:25kg Drum standard:USP36
UV absorbers
UV absorbers CAS:57834-33-0 Apperance:Pale yellow liquid Content:≥98.5% Package:25kg blue plastic bucket
3,4- ODA
3,4- ODA CAS:2657-87-6 Apperance:White crystalline powder or light brown crystalline powder Content:>99% Package:25k Drum
Ethyl P-Aminobenzoate
Ethyl P-Aminobenzoate CAS:94-09-7 Apperance:White crystal or crystalline powder Content:99-101% Package:25kg Drum
Butyl P-aminobenzoate
Butyl P-aminobenzoate CAS:94-25-7 Apperance:White crystal powder Content:99-101% Package:25kg Drum
4-Hydroxyindole CAS:2380-94-1 Apperance:Light green or white powder Content:≥99% Package:25kg drum opening
1-Phenyl-3-Hexanone CAS:29898-25-7 Apperance:Colorless to pale yellow liquid Content:≥97% Package:20kg metal pail lined with plastic
Ethyl-4-n-butylamino-benzoate CAS:94-32-6 Apperance:White crystals Content:≥99% Package:50kg drum
M-Aminobenzoic acid
M-Aminobenzoic acid CAS:99-05-8 Apperance:White crystalline powder Content:≥99% Package:25kg Drum
Ethyl,4-Dimethylaminobenzoate CAS:10287-53-3 Apperance:White crystals Content:≥99% Package:25kg Drum
P-Acetylamino benzoic acid
P-Acetylamino benzoic acid CAS:556-08-1 Apperance:White crystal   powder Content:≥99% Package:25kg Drum
DIP SALT CAS:61990-51-0 Apperance:White crystalline powder Content:98.0-101.5% Package:25kg Drum
Parsol CAS:70356-09-1 Apperance:White powder Content:≥98% Package:25kg full drum
DMBI CAS:21245-01-2 Apperance:Colorless transparent liquid Content:≥99% Package:25kg blue plastic bucket
EHA CAS:21245-02-3 Apperance:Colorless to pale yellow liquid Content:≥98.5% Package:25kg blue plastic bucket
4-Amino-N-Methyl-Benzamid Trocken CAS:54472-45-6 Apperance:White powder Content:≥99% Package:25kg Drum
4-Amino-N-Methyl-Benzamid CAS:6274-22-2 Apperance:White crystals Content:≥98% Package:25kg Drum
P-Aminobenzamid CAS:2835-68-9 Apperance:White crystals Content:≥99.5%(HPLC) Package:25kg Drum
4,4-Diaminobenzanilide CAS:785-30-8 Apperance:White crystalline powder Content:≥98.5% Package:25kg triple fill film bags