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SHENZHEN COOKID TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a high-tech innovative enterprises specialized in robot R &D, production, sales and service. Founded in the rise of intelligent service robots in China and headquartered in the innovation capital, Shenzhen, COOKID enjoys superior geographic location. At present, the core products of COOKID has obtained a number of national invention patents and more than 30 utility model and appearance patent.

COOKID has long been established a close cooperative relationship with Stanford University, Furlong Hoff Research Institute of Germany, RWTH Aachen University, University of Hong Kong, National University of Defense Technology and other leading scientific and technological institutions and research institutions. With strong financial investment, advanced science and technology strength and the concept of people-oriented, COOKID has successfully developed and produced the latest intelligent service robots in our country and played an important role in promoting the development of the robot industry in china. In the future, COOKID will continue to update the history of intelligent robot and integrate intelligent robot into common peoples’ life to simplify life and energize your entertainment with more intelligent humanoid robot.

Core Products

COOKID, as the first generation of our independent brand product, has been integrating the multiple functions of entertainment, education, remote control together. In the near future, COOKID will gradually launch consumption grade intelligent service robots, commercial intelligent service robots, smart home robots and other smart products to make intelligent robot accessible to every family and all walks of life, playing different roles as family members, partners that accompany children, assistants in the work.

Team Introduction

COOKID has a professional, united, dedicated and efficient team who is expert at research, production, online and offline sales and after-sales service. The R & D team members are from the domestic and international top science and technology institutions, so they have rich experience in intelligent robot research and are able to integrate the modern high-technology into robot to make it more intelligent and humanization. COOKID enjoys senior management personnel in various fields. Though coming from different places, they all share the same characteristics, that’s passion for technology and intelligent robot. They work together to provide every customer with the most satisfactory products and services. From the time of establishment, COOKID has been keeping up with the trend of times, as a result of which, company size is still in constant development and growth.

Future Prospect

COOKID is committed to becoming a world-class high-tech company that is at the same level as a few leading robotic companies in Japan, Europe and the United States .

Strive to be a leading and listed company in the Chinese intelligent service robot industry in 3-5 years and a leadership brand of global intelligent service robot in 5 to 10 years.

In the process of global economic integration, we shall pay attention to both Chinese and global high tech industry market. For COOKID, we shall not only seize market share in the domestic market and maintain a steady market share growth, thus becoming the preferred and trusted intelligent service robot brand suppliers, but also have to carry out "going out" strategy to compete with strong competitors in the global market so as to grab the global market share.

We will gradually move towards to the diversified and group management in the intelligent service robot industry by possession of the domestic market, as well as the output of quality products to the international market to achieve scale economies and enhance the competitiveness both at home and abroad. We are devoted to develop into a international high tech industry group that keeps paces with or even beyond the world level with advanced intelligent robot as our core. In the future, every industry, every region, and even every business and family or individual will feel comfortable because of choosing the products and services from Cookid.


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