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LK Precision Medical Catheter Co., Ltd regarded as a new-beginning creative company,aiming to be the leading-supplier of medical catheter worldwide, precisely providing precision medical catheters to all medical customers.At present,we own Clean room of 500m2.We have advanced production and testing equipment, with medical tubing industrial field, senior engineers and technical staff, who can solve all the problems in product development, and manufacturing process, and also ensure efficient and secure high-quality products. Our superb technology, excellent quality, perfect service, are proof of our products to be the most cost-effective in the industry.


High Pressure Braided Tubing
High Pressure Braided Tubing Contrast media injection extension line, Pressure rated to 1200 PSI (83 BAR). Braided with high strength fiber, and Monofilaments, good transparenc...
PTCA balloon catheter
PTCA balloon catheter Smaller diameter highlights the catheter crossability. Tapered soft-tip design reduces the risk of puncturing wall. Securer transition design stre...
Angiographic Tubing
Angiographic Tubing Braided reinforced tubing for angiography application. Nylon elastomer material. Pressure rated from 1200 to 2000 PSI. Fine stainless steel wire br...
Central Venous Cathter Tubing
Central Venous Cathter Tubing Catheter tubing: Polyurethane material, good biocompatibility, fully radiopaque. Soft tip tubing: different sizes suitable for different catheters,...
Delivery System Sheath
Delivery System Sheath Sheath tubing for introducer sheath Occluder, vena cava filter and Stent delivery system. Good biocompatibility, fully radiopaque with smooth tip. ...
Dilators Radiopaque HDPE material with different color. Suitable for .035'' or .038'' guide wire passing through. Very smooth surface and excellent tip conf...
IV catheter tubing
IV catheter tubing IV catheter tubing with four to six radiopaque stripes. Use PU or FEP material. Ultra smooth surface with very low friction. Sizes:14G.16G.18G.20G....
Pig tail catheter
Pig tail catheter Pig tail catheter (single & double J ) , for Urology applicants. Use polyurethane material, radiopaqued, good flexibility and memory. Catheter ...
Epidural catheter
Epidural catheter Use Nylon elastomer material with radiopaque line. Highly flexible and kink resitant reduce the risk of catheter occlusion. Good transparency, visu...
Pressure extension line
Pressure extension line PU or PVC material The size is high precision with excellent appearance. Pressure rated to different grade, 300PSI, 500PSI, 900PSI, 1200 PSI
Urodynamic catheter
Urodynamic catheter Rectum pressure test catheter Urethral catheter
Thin wall tubing
Thin wall tubing Wall thickness as thin as 0.05-0.08mm, over 95% transmittance.
Karman Catheter Tubing
Karman Catheter Tubing Two types with one hole and two holes, drainage catheter. Size from 4mm to 12mm, or customized.
Micro-bore catheter
Micro-bore catheter The size of inner diameter and outer diameter is high precision with stable flow. Specification supplied is 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, and 0.1mm. The ...
Twin tubing
Twin tubing The size is high precision with excellent appearance. We can supply twin catheter with two colors and colorful strips to customers or customized
Hearing Aid Tubing
Hearing Aid Tubing Hearing Aid Tubing
Gastric Tubing
Gastric Tubing With two types of radiopaque line and special color line, customized.
Multi-lumen Tubing
Multi-lumen Tubing Multi-lumen Tubing