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Who we are Yichun Dahaigui Life Science Co, . Ltd. Is one of the most important companies under DHG group of China. We are specialized in natural vitamin E and polyamide resin productions. The headquarters is located in Yuanzhou Pharm Zone in Yichun city of Jiangxi province and the research centre is located in the life science college of Wuhan University. Our company has a number of highly qualified technical, financial and market professionals.

What we do Our company has being strived in the field of bio-technology innovation, exploration and development for a long time, and we have being continued to meet the marked demands. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other counteries and regions. The main products are very popular in custorms. And our busniness also include vitamin E series, tocotrienol oil, phytosterol, vegetable squalene, dimer acid, polyamide resin and other chemical materials. 

Our company adheres to business philosophy of innovation, science, intergrity and pragmatic. We believe that the sicentific management, credit management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, quality policy will bring bright prospects for us. We look forwards to work with the momunity and the general customer friends for fighting together and achieving mutual beneficial win-win situation. 

Be the longest live enterprise of China-Yichun Dahaigui Life Science Co, . Ltd!


Vitamin E
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Polyamide Resins
Polyamide Resins Alcohol solution polyamide resin is a kind of solid polyamide resin which can be soluble in IPA solvent with high inoxidizability.Normall...
Plant Sterol
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Vegetable Squalene
Vegetable Squalene Vegetable squalene,is by-product in tocopherol extracting and distllation process.Normally squalene is obtained from shark live oil,but DHG group n...
Polyamide curing agents
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