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Liaoning EO Technology co., Ltd.

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EO Farming is engaged in developing agrochemicals,Website:, fertilizers, public health, fine chemicals international markets and getting good marketing channels. As a leading formulator and provider, we are dedicated to establish long-term cooperation with our customers and provide high quality product and professional services. We enlarge our market in more and more regions and countries such as Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America etc.


Clethodim TC
Clethodim TC Clethodim TC,Website:,Weed Killer
Imazethapyr TC
Imazethapyr TC Imazethapyr TC,Website:,Weed Killer
Tralkoxydim TC
Tralkoxydim TC Tralkoxydim TC,Website:,Weed Killer
Diflufenican TC
Diflufenican TC Diflufenican TC,Website:,Weed Killer
Sulcotrione TC
Sulcotrione TC Sulcotrione TC,Weed Killer