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PCBINDEX is the largest PCB prototype manufacturer in China, therefore, it's most ideal choice for all PCB users. As a high-tech enterprise in PCB manufacturing and sales, our company specializes in the design of high-speed PCB prototype ranging from 1 to 4 layers. Our products have already been widely applied in all kinds of fields, such as, communication equipment, computer peripherals, medical apparatus and instruments, LED lighting, industrial control, household electronics, other intelligent electronic productions ,etc.. Characterized by the shortest lead time and the most favorable price, PCBINDEX is currently one of the most competitive brands in China. Our company has an office of 1500 square meters in Shenzhen and our staff here has amounted to 120, including engineers, technicians, customer service representatives, financial staff.


pcb prototype-FR-4(Kingboard Level A)
pcb prototype-FR-4(Kingboard Level A) Our philosophy Rapidness, accuracy and excellence have always been our philosophy. Our goal is to become the most excellent small-scale . Rapidnes...
cheap pcb manufacturing-FR-4(Kingboard Level A)
cheap pcb manufacturing-FR-4(Kingboard Level A) We have over 180 PCB engineering technicians from the factory who have rich experiences. Besides, we have also put huge funds in introducing from A...
Custom PCB
Custom PCB You could look at other aspects of developing with Arduino such as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), design a circuit, develop using a breadboard/proto...
Highly Recommend PCBindex To anyone
Highly Recommend PCBindex To anyone I had been making my own PCB's for sometime and did not really think there was much to be gained from getting them professionally manufactured. I w...
online pcb quotation
online pcb quotation PCBindex are honnered to be PCB and PCBA supplier for customers who are from Military, Aerospace,Medicine,Commercial, Industrial, Automotive,Univer...