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SINOSPARE is a leading global for maintenance, repair & operation (MRO) solutionsof the cement industry. Our main products are rotary kilns, ball mills, roller press, stackers & reclaimers, rotary feeders, telescopic loading spouts, filter bags, dust collectors, storage vessels, finned tubes and headers for boilers, heat exchangers, fans, roots blowers, etc.

Founded in 2009, We have established a supply chain of Chinese OEM to overseas factories in spare parts and auxiliary equipment for cement production lines due to our dedication to customer oriented innovation and good partnerships.

Our QC manager travels all over China through out the year, inspecting every ordered cargo before ex-factory to ensure its material, dimension, mechanical property, chemical property, package methods, etc., conform to the requirements. Meanwhile, our QC staff are always ready for the engineers from customers for the site inspection if it is necessary.

We are committed to providing the most competitive spare parts and economic solutions. Now we've served most of cement plants in the Middle East, Southeastern Asia and Northern Africa. For more information, please visit


Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel
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Vertical Cement Raw Mill
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Cement Rotary Drum Dryer
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Custom Slide Gate Valve
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Acrylic (AC) Filter Bag
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Custom Heat Exchanger
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