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"Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd was established in 2015 and is aiming to be a customer-focused company in the field of environmental control system. Our company is a leading manufacturer of desiccant rotor dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier products and service in both industrial and commercial markets.

Greeme’s manufacturing facility is located in Mianyang, Sichuan province. In domestic market, we have earned our reputation as the humidification and dehumidification experts by providing customers’ unique commercial, industrial solutions. We hope our worldwide presence will be developed to better serve our global customers in the future.

Through extensive research and development efforts, Greeme shall provide more and more innovative products in the coming years to strengthen our business line in the market and also offer opportunities to our business partners for mutual growth.


industrial humidifier
industrial humidifier Our industrial size humidifier are Ultrasonic humidifiers. An ultrasonic humidifier is often considered as the quietest one among all typ...
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier GMCF5.5
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier GMCF5.5 This series is our Industrial & Commercial Refrigerate Dehumidifiers, which is widely adopted in many industries instead of extract ventilator,...
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier GMCF30.0
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier GMCF30.0 This series is our Industrial Refrigerate Dehumidifiers, which is widely adopted in many industries instead of extract ventilator, exhauster and b...
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier
Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier Dehumidify capacity range from 4.0 kg/h to 30 kg/h, Large process air flow capacity range from 1200 CMH to 7500 CMH, this series is born to fulfill...
Desiccant dehumidifier
Desiccant dehumidifier Desiccant absorption dehumidifiers, also can be called Desiccant Rotor dehumidifiers. This type is also known as adsorption type dehumidifier...
Dehumidifiers Most of the time, we do not regard the humidity as a big issue in our homes. This concept is very common in domestic China. Just tolerate the huge...
Custom Dehumidifier Unit
Custom Dehumidifier Unit Greeme Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier Unit provides customized solution according to your needs. According to different customers' requirements, bas...