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Anhui Lianzhong Brush Co. Ltd is Chinese professional manufacturer of industrial brushes. Our factory has a history of 15 years. In 2011,Website:, we built a new factory and introduced advanced equipment to improve the quality of our products. We have more than 100 employees now. In 2017, we produced and sold more than 2 million industrial brushes of various types. We produce industrial brushes with different uses, including, Road sweeping Brush, Snow sweeping Brush, Floor Machine Brushes, strip brush, door brush, Abrasive brush, Drill Brush, Roller Brush, Cow Brush, Engine Cleaning Brushes, non-woven abrasive flap wheel. Besides, we can also give advice on how to choose a more suitable brush under different working conditions. We are one of the few factories in China that involve the high-end brush market. With advanced production technology, high-quality products and good faith management, we have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia.


Road Sweeping Brush
Road Sweeping Brush Road sweeping Brush is drilled at a certain angle (∠135°) on the cut PP disc,Website:, and then cut with a cut flat wire or PP brush wire or nylon ...
Snow Sweeping Brush
Snow Sweeping Brush Snow brush roller is equipped on the snow-sweeping car,Website:, which is suitable for various snow sweeping machines of manufacturers from countri...
Floor Machine Brushes
Floor Machine Brushes Floor Machine Brushes is mostly used for cleaning the floor together with washing machine in hotels,Website:, park squares, factory workshops and o...
Cow Brush
Cow Brush Cow Brush,Website:, full name: swinging Rotary Cow Brush. It starts to rotate when it comes into contact with the cow. It rotates in any direction ...
Steel Strip Brush
Steel Strip Brush Steel Strip Brush is mainly used for sealing steel, wood, concrete and other metal materials, as it shields dust, light and heat. The Steel Strip B...