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Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC. (MCT) is a growth company formed by group of experiences engineers and managers which specialized in the industry of chlorination, we provide specialized solutions and system manufacturing in the chlorination field includingelectro chlorination,chlorine dioxideand membrane chlorination in application of anti-fouling anddrinking water supply.

MCT is an international company based in China, specializing in Titanium electrolyzer design, also electro chlorination for water treatment process design, consultant, engineering, development and manufacturing. The refurbishment and replacement of electro chlorination cell for seawater and brine electrolysis are also parts of our specialty.

Version: To be the world best chlorination solution provider and chlorination system manufacturer.


OceanChlor Marine Electrochlorination System
OceanChlor Marine Electrochlorination System OceanChlor Electro Chlorination Package is designed based on seawater electro chlorination system for marine application that uses seawater for coo...
OceanChlor-EX Offshore Electrochlorination System
OceanChlor-EX Offshore Electrochlorination System OceanChlor – Package is designed based on OceanChlor series hypo chlorination system for hazardous area marine application that uses seawater...
Electrolytic Cell
Electrolytic Cell CTE & PPE Titanium Chlorination Electrolyzer Design & Fabrication nodes were made by insert substrate coated with mixed precious metal oxid...
Electrochlorination Why We need Electrochlorination Electro chlorination sodium hypochloriteis a type of industry-standard oxidizing agent, which can be applied in var...
Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE)
Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE) The CTE system is typically used for small to medium production capacities, while PPE system is typically used for larger production capacities of ...