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Pingdingshan TianJing Plant Albumen Co.,Ltd. (SOYGLOW) was established in 1997.It is one of theearliest soy protein production companiesin Chinaintegrating production and scientific research.

Our produces 10,000 tons of isolated soybeanprotein annually,and the annual output is expected toreach 25,000 tons by early 2020. Our products have been exported to many countries all overthe world. We utilize non-GMO soybean asraw material,and strictly follows the processesrequiredby food safety standards. To ensure food safety, we quantitatively controls every singleproduction process. SOYGLOW has a three-levelquality control system to ensure consistency andreliability,along with a third-party testing lab as double assurance.

After 20 years of production practice, we couldflexibly adjust product formula and manufacturingprocess through quality control,to meet customers’needs for customized products. We cooperates with scholars and researchers from School of FoodScience in Jiangnan University and Henan CityConstruction College, hires senior food scientists as consultants, and has been making every effort to ensure the quality of the products while constantly innovating to meet the diversified market demands.


Isolated Soy Protein-Dispersion type
Isolated Soy Protein-Dispersion type The product is soy proteinisolate, it is a soluble, dispersible food additivedeveloped for use in food systems where a highly functional protein is...