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Founded in 1981, Bestar started out manufacturing wooden bathroom accessories and KD furnitures. In 1987, Bestar developed a new line along with the old, manufacturing wooden desktop accessories, desk sets, houseware, as well as other gift items, and started exporting to many countries under the brand "BESTAR". Bestar has sold to many prestigious companies, such as EVA Airline, Citi Bank, Acer, Swarovski...and more.
From designing to producing, Bestar has more than 1000 product designs, and is one of the earliest companies offering customers the option to purchase small quantity with more variation.


EPOCH Meeting Sets
EPOCH Meeting Sets Style No. : 3007WDN-C While you're brainstorming and planning for your next big project, this meeting set is ideal for any group discussion. Qty/C...
Business Card Holders
Business Card Holders Style No. : 1350WDN Two-Tone Business Card Holder stands alone beautifully on any coutertop. 94 X 70 X 47mm Packing: 100 pcs / 12 kgs / 1.9 cuf't
Origin 8.5 Cm Desk Globes
Origin 8.5 Cm Desk Globes Style No. : 0909SPX Everything has to start somewhere, let this desk globe show you the road to the world. 92 X 85 X 127mm Packing: 48 PCS / 10 KGS...
Brown Bedside Table With Drawers
Brown Bedside Table With Drawers Style No. : G102B This bedside table is available in three sizes, it is available with or without the lock feature.
Ironing Board Storage
Ironing Board Storage Iron Bench Storage Style No. : BCH01 This iron bench comes with three baskets, there are pentiful areas for laundry and other things that you need ...
Shoes Cabinets
Shoes Cabinets Style No. : G105 This shoe cabinet has two drawers on the top and a big area for shoes.
Utensil Holders
Utensil Holders Style No. : 3479ZHN Packing: 20 pcs/ 11 kgs / 3 Cuf't Founded in 1981, Bestar started out manufacturing wooden bathroom accessories and KD furnitu...
Photo Frames  5X7
Photo Frames 5X7" Style No. : 1803WDN Your precious photographs deserve to be displayed in origina and stylish picture frames. 223 X 172 X 22mm
Rolling Round Clocks
Rolling Round Clocks Style No. : 5077J, 5078J The base is made of solid wood, this clock is a perfect size on the desk to present you accurate times. 5077J Rolling Roun...
Modern Stackable Trays
Modern Stackable Trays Style No. : 3549WHN / 3548WHN A simple design plus timeless practicality equals this modem stackable tray made of solid walnut. The opening in the ...