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Hubei Xin Sihai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was set up in 1995 in Zaoyang, Hubei It is a business entity that focuses on the research, production and sale of silicone fine chemical, special surfactant, and organic silicone resin series. Now Xin Sihai is a council member of China Industrial Association of Fluorosilicone Organic Material, high-tech enterprise of the State, candidate listed company of Hubei Province, demonstration enterprise on construction of intellectual property right protection of Hubei Province, management innovation demonstration enterprise in Xiangyang City, and demonstration enterprise for non-public enterprise culture in Xiangyang City. Xin Sihai also has four branch companies such as Shenzhen Jipeng Fluosilicic Material Co., Ltd., Hubei Sihai Yijia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Zaoyang Yijia Specialized Ecological Agriculture Cooperative, and Yuenan Sihai Industry Co., Ltd. and two shareholders including Zaoyang Chuangxin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Zaoyang Sihai Daopu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Our company has been rated as “advanced enterprise for technical innovation”, “spark demonstration enterprise”, “enterprise that abides by contract and stresses good faith” and “enterprise with a loving heart”.


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