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Kraeber & Co is a family owned, independent, technology based enterprise founded 1980. We are producers of niche products used in the pharmacy, biotechnology, cosmetic and natraceutical industries.

We hold ermissions:

pharmaceutical production (GMP)

food and feed production

handling of animal by-products

Our certificates you can rre and print from our Homepage


Polygeline   CAS 9015-56-9;  CAS 66455-30-9
Polygeline CAS 9015-56-9; CAS 66455-30-9 Pharmaceutical grade for Plasma expander Gelita bovine origin 10 % clear solution with CEP
Aprotinin   CAS 9087-70-1
Aprotinin CAS 9087-70-1 ex bovine lung Mol.Formula: C284H432N84O79S7 EINECS: 232-994-9 Protease and Esterase Inhibitor
Follitropin (FSH)   CAS 9002-68-0
Follitropin (FSH) CAS 9002-68-0 Folicle stimulating Hormone
Gonadotropin, human chorionic  HCG
Gonadotropin, human chorionic HCG CAS 9002-61-3 Mol.Formula: C55H75N17O13 >3000iu/mg Ph.EUR.
Gonadotropin human menopausal   HMG
Gonadotropin human menopausal HMG CAS 61489-71-2 Mol.Formula C6H10O5 based on BP Standard
Hemoglobin   CAS 9008-02-0
Hemoglobin CAS 9008-02-0 ex porcine, ex bovine
Hemin   CAS 16009-13-5
Hemin CAS 16009-13-5 ex porcine, equine, bovine Mol.Formula C34H32ClFeN4O4 Chrorohemin Ferriprotoporphyrin chloride
Sheep Plasma, Plasmasubstrate R1
Sheep Plasma, Plasmasubstrate R1 as per Ph.EUR. or USP Special grade for testing the activity in Heparin deep frozen or Lyophylized
Thrombin   CAS 9002-04-4
Thrombin CAS 9002-04-4 ex bovine Fibrinogenase Hemostaticum
Urokinase   CAS 9039-53-6
Urokinase CAS 9039-53-6 Quality bsed on Ph.Eur (A) Plasminogene Activator (WHO)