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Founded in 2004, PT POWER has led the way in engineering excellence for LED power supply and LED driver design. One of the earliest entrants into LED driver technology, PT POWER has built a reputation among discerning lighting manufacturers for drivers that excel in terms of reliability, luminaire performance and supply chain simplicity.

The power supplies have been used for LED strips, LED modules, LED wall washer, LED street light, LED panel lights, LED flood lights, LED down lights and so on.

The company has always been led by engineers and has a deeply embedded culture of design quality, together with customer intimacy that enables the company to create technology that delivers the right value proposition for each customer.

As an independent company with a wholly-owned enterprise, PT POWER is both nimble and fast-moving in order to be exceptionally responsive to customers.

This through-the-line ethos of quality, which is rigorously controlled from design to production, enables Lumotech to stand over a cast-iron 5-year warranty with confidence.

As part of the company’s commitment to superior responsiveness, PT POWER has built a broad distribution network across China and overseas partners.

PT POWER’s designs are intended to assist customers worldwide in reducing engineering design time and expense, while facilitating miniaturization and performance enhancement of their applications.


Slim Waterproof LED Power Supply
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