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Hebei Jing\'an Ruineng Environment Technology Co.,Ltd is registered in Anping, Hebei Province. It is committed to the design, R & D, construction, commissioning and operation of biogas projects. It introduces, digests and absorbs the advanced biogas production technology of Germany, serves the biogas market in China, and has various pretreatment technologies of hydrolysis acidification to the straw and various cellulose rich hemicellulose herbs for corn, wheat, rice, etc; the technologies of distiller\'s grains and vinegar grains, which can restrain the rapid acid production of distiller\'s grains and Vinegar Grains and control the acid production speed; the technologies of utilizing low concentration fecal water in high efficiency to improve biogas yield in livestock and poultry breeding industry; the sand removal technology of livestock and poultry breeding feces; the production technology of utilizing biogas slurry renewal to produce the bio--fertilizer; the denitrification technology from biogas slurry to nitrogen fertilizer and up-to-standard discharge, etc.

The company can not only provide customers with comprehensive services such as biogas engineering general contracting, design, construction, commissioning and operation, but also provide value-added services such as power generation and on-grid consulting, biological natural gas purification technology consulting, organic fertilizer production and processing, effective treatment of farm manure and discharge up to standard. The company\'s development goal is to provide customers with a package of solid waste solutions based on the advanced German biogas production process. The company is committed to the development of biogas technology of various raw materials suitable for China\'s national conditions, localization and integration of German equipment production and processing, localization of German biogas engineering laboratory, introduction of bio-organic fertilizer, microbial compound fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, organic flushing fertilizer technology and localization of production and processing. The company aims to realize the utilization of agricultural waste resources, vigorously develop bio gas, and protect blue sky and clear water.


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