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Shenzhen Onwin Enterprise Limited

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Shenzhen Onwin Enterprise Limited is one of the first manufacturers to develop and produce Nespresso compatible capsules and automatic filling machines in China,Website:, with foundation in 2011.


Biodegradable Nespresso Coffee Capsules56
Biodegradable Nespresso Coffee Capsules56 Product Name:Biodegradable Nespresso Coffee Capsules Product Description: Biodegradable Nespresso Coffee Capsules,Nespresso Biodegradable Capsule...
37mm Nespresso Capsules99
37mm Nespresso Capsules99 Product Name:37mm Nespresso Capsules Product Description: 37mm Nespresso Capsules,Nespresso Biodegradable Capsules Price:10.00 Product Website:...
Coffee Capsule For Nespresso Machine18
Coffee Capsule For Nespresso Machine18 Product Name:Coffee Capsule For Nespresso Machine Product Description: Coffee Capsule For Nespresso Machine,Nespresso PP Capsules Price:10.00 P...
Nespresso Pods Capsules54
Nespresso Pods Capsules54 Product Name:Nespresso Pods Capsules Product Description: Nespresso Pods Capsules,Nespresso PP Capsules Price:10.00 Product Website: Company D...
Espresso Coffee Capsules32
Espresso Coffee Capsules32 Product Name:Espresso Coffee Capsules Product Description: Espresso Coffee Capsules,Nespresso PP Capsules Price:10.00 Product Website: Company...