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Guangzhou Sky Tiger Tempered Glass Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou Sky Tiger Tempered Glass Co., Ltd is a modern professional enterprise with expertise in premium quality glass processing. The company is located in the HuaDu District of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province adjacent to 107 National Road, GuangQing Highway, HuaDu Port and Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport, giving the company significant transportation advantages for water, land and air shipments.

Established in 2008, the company has focused on developing superior manufacturing techniques. A wide range of professional glass-processing production equipment is used to produce highest quality lines of flat and bent tempered glass, insulating glass (IGU), interlayer glass, and automatically sprayed glass-painted products. Additional services are provided by the Italian Bottero glass division using the Bottero computer-controlled cutting machine, heat-soak process furnace, water jet cutting machine, automatic sand-blasting machine, multiple edge grinding machines, and the hole-drilling machine.


Insulating Glass
Insulating Glass Insulating glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with aluminum between them filled with a highly efficient molecular sieve. The edge of insu...