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Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co.,Ltd. established in 1982, is one of the domestic manufacturers with the most complete varieties and specifications of transmission machinery, integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. It has a precision machining center boasting a set of equipment needed for processing, heat treatment and testing. Excellent engineering and technical personnel and experienced employees with scientific working attitude and scientific management system can meticulously solve every problem, so that our products have successfully found wide application in dozens of field covering metallurgy, mining, machinery, energy, transportation, water conservancy, chemical industry, light industry, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, textile, construction, building materials, tobacco, logistics, and environmental protection.


Conveyor Pulleys
Conveyor Pulleys Conveyor Pulleys Technical parameters: Power: 0.25 ~ 160 KW Belt speed: 0.035 ~ 5 m/s Diameter:630,800,1000mm Belt width:500-1400 mm Lagging:  ru...
Heavy Load Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer
Heavy Load Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer The new structure and data optimization increase the transmission power and improve the reliability of operation. The speed ratio range is increas...
Cycloidal Gear Reducer
Cycloidal Gear Reducer 1). Multi-stage transmission can be adopted, and the reduction ratio is larger. 2). Small size, stable operation and low noise. 3). Reasonable desi...
High Torque Planetary Gear Reducer
High Torque Planetary Gear Reducer Technical parameters: Nominal torque: 1400 N.m~2987000 N.m Transmission rate: Single-stage: 4~18 Double-stage: 20~125 Three-stage: 112~1250 Effect...
P Series Planetary Gear Units
P Series Planetary Gear Units Technical parameter: Ratio range: basic type 25~4000 Torque range: 2.6~900 kNm Power range: 22~1920 kW Assembly form: Input mode: concentric shaf...