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Tianjin Jiangrui Steel Casting Co., Ltd.was established in 2004.The company\'s product positioning is precision casting steel butterfly valves.We have been focusing on technology research and development over 16 years.The production process and products have been upgraded several times.At present,it has grown into a steel valve manufacturer integrating precision casting,machining,finished product assembly and other comprehensive technologies Jiangrui\'s unique technical advantages and product features:1. Sixteen years of precision casting technology,three major production lines:water glass,silica sol,V-method negative pressure casting,can provide various steel material butterfly valves,material categories:WCB,LCC,stainless steel series,dual-phase steel etc.2. Comprehensive technical solution capabilities,advanced welding equipment in the workshop and proficient technology of experienced technicians to make small common defects of valve casting to perfection.3. Self-owned mechanical processing workshop,provides precision processing according to customer requirements,and lays a high-quality foundation for later valve assembly.4. Self-owned finished product assembly workshop,implements ISO9000 system management,pays attention to the inspection and management of each component,non-qualified products are strictly prohibited from entering the production process, Standardized testing management is implemented in the production process,and every ex-factory valve can withstand the inspection of installation and use. 5. Continuous improvement of the after-sales system,visual communication of the production process,standardization of product packaging,packing process,and data provision,and we strive to achieve better Continuous efforts,quality forges the future,JiangRui committed to providing you with more professional products.


Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve
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