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YUYAO ALFIRSTEHARDWARE CO.,LTD is specialized in production of screws and anchors.Such as Drywall screw,Hex/Truss head/CSK head /Pan head self-tapping/drilling screw,Chipboard screw,Construction wood screw,Sleeve anchor,Metal Frame anchor and threaded rods.It is located in Huiqiao Rd #1121, Langxia Street,Yuyao,Zhejiang,China.


Chipboard screw
Chipboard screw Product parameter: Norm:DIN7505 Surface:White/Yellow Zinc,Dacromet DIA:2.5mm-6mm Length:10mm-220mm Chipboard screw introduction: Chipboard screw is...
Concrete screw
Concrete screw Concrete screw parameter: DIA:  5mm/6.4mm/7mm Length: 40mm-70mmSurface:  Zinc Plated Concrete screw introduction: It is made of cemented carbide st...
Confirmat screw
Confirmat screw  introduction: Confirmat screws are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. They are specifically designed to use on processed-wood materials. Th...
TIMBER SCREW parameter: Surface:Yellow Zinc plated DIA:3mm-10mm Length:16mm-360mm Timber screwintroduction:Wood Construction Screw has gained wider popularity ...