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Onuge Personal Care (Guangzhou) Co., Ltdalways abides by the corporate spirit of being concentrative, practical, efficient and passionate, and serves every consumer with its high-end oral care products and superior tooth whitening products.

China Oral Care Kit & Anti Wrinkle Patches Manufacturer

Onuge Personal Care(Guangzhou) Co., Ltddoes not only have a very deep attainment in the oral care industry, but also performs very professionally in anti-aging skincare products. After nearly 10 years of researches and development with over tens of thousands of times for testing formula and the product safety, we finally completed our research and created the world’s first type of “physical force skin movement”to fight the natural declining repair system and protect our skin. The global matrix elastic fiber embedding type structure is the first paragraph of condensate microcrystalline skincare products and we are looking forward to developing more of these advanced products.



Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips
Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips 亚马逊牙齿美白贴产品描述: 用于过氧化氢有限市场的非过氧化物;适合所有用户的温和配方;具有薄荷味的双柔性凝胶牙齿美白条。没有化​​学气味,也没有兴奋。带 14 个迷你小袋的安全盒,每个小袋有 2 个条带(顶部和底部) 总共 28 个条带,足以满足 14 次日常应用。保持精力充沛,在轻松的同时...
Clear plastic fruit tooth whitening pen and organic matter
Clear plastic fruit tooth whitening pen and organic matter Clear plastic fruit teeth whitening pen with machine substance (private label for multiple flavors) Clear plastic fruity teeth whitening pen applic...
30 min Bright whitening teeth whiten round teeth
30 min Bright whitening teeth whiten round teeth 30分钟亮白瞬间美白笔和牙齿优点:1.清洁牙齿表面。2. 顺时针转动完成的笔。3. 如果可以看到避雷笔顶部的凝胶,请停止旋转。4.美白牙外凝胶,15-20分钟后用水漱口。2.亚马逊牙齿美白笔温和,无风险使用,必将达到快速有效的美白效果。这是一种易于使用的牙齿美白技术,可以帮助您更轻松地漂白牙齿...