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Ketai Metal Group Co.,Ltd, a professional manufacturer and sales of stainless steel, supplies various specifications of stainless steel plate sheet ,stainless steel coil strip, stainless steel pipe tube, stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel profiles, decorative tubes, special steel all year round. At present, Ketai Metal Group is the main supplier of domestic large pressure vessel enterprises, military enterprises, machinery processing enterprises and automobile manufacturing enterprises. With our technical advantages of honesty, pragmatism and innovation, we have established our position in the local market of stainless steel.


201 Stainless steel coil strip
201 Stainless steel coil strip 201stainless steel coil strip is divided into 201cold rolled stainless steel coil strip and 201hot rolled stainless steel coilstrip. Surface: T...
304 stainless steel plate sheet
304 stainless steel plate sheet 304 stainless steel platesheetis divided into 304 cold-rolled stainless steel sheet plate and 304 hot-rolled stainless steelsheet plate . Surfac...