16 Zone Remote Microphone RH2816RT

※ Several paging modes (all zones, group zones,or individual zone).

※ Working with 16 zone paging selector or 16 zone audio matrix for paging function.

※ Signals using real-time transmission technology.

※ External 24V DC input connector.

※ Built-in chime,with mute function.

※ With volume control.

The Multi-zone Paging Micro RH2816RT provides high quality,low noise 16 Zone Remote Micro RH2816RT Conntrollerssingle and multi-zone paging capability up to 16-zone loudspeakers,can be expanded up to 64 zones, a ardioid electret element suppresses background noise,and is housed on the end of a flexible tube,user can page through a momentary push-button for short page or make a long page with a lock-on button,supports paging modes including individual zone,combined zones and all zones,and front panel LEDs indicate paging status.

Built-in tone chime circuit gives pre-announcement chime to arouse the attention of listeners by using the push-to-talk button. A 420mm length gooseneck can be positioned with flexibility,at the end fitted with a sound pickup head protected by a wire mesh grille,incorporates a wind filter to reduce popping noises from speech.

16 Zone Remote Micro RH2816RT Address SettingThis multiple zone micro has RJ45 ports,one uses CAT5 (or CAT6) cable up to 1,000m-length to be connected with remote Paging Selector,and the other one is ready to be linked to another addtional micro,at this time each micro should be distiguished with its own ID address set through the dipswitches on rear,the No.1 has precedence muting the others in the pa system.

On the rear panel there is a compression screw terminal for the micro volume,user can adjust the output volume level by screwdriver,also a power supply input port with DC24V(5A) proveded by a shipped AC adapter.

The sophisticated multi-zone paging console offers an ideal solution for the voice announcement system in a variety of complexes such as educational/school facilities, industrial parks,shopping mall and any other commercial buildings.

Welcome to buy commercial pa speakersand remote wireless micro,we’ll give you the best services.

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