LCD Monitor Screen SAD0702N

Motion Sensor: Auto Power On/ Off With Moving Body.

Low Power Consumption.

Support External Battery.

Auto Power On/Off.

Auto Copy.

Table Stand And Wall Mount Installation.

With CE FCC ROHS certification.

street advertising screensFeatures

7 inch Basic Enclosed LCD Advertising Screen

Auto play files (pictures and videos mixed) after power on.

7 Inch Battery Power Monitor

Play from SD card/USB and auto copy the file from SD to USB, SD to USB.

7 inch Basic Enclosed LCD advertising board

Auto repeat: play all media files in a loop automatically.

7 inch TFT screen

Motion Sensor: only play when detecting human body.

7 inch TFT LCD monitor

Low power consumption: 1mah for standby mode. This greatly saves replacing battery cost.

7 Inch Battery Power Monitor

Built with anti-theft SD card protector.

If you need any kinds of advertising display lcd, please contact us, as a professional LCD display manufacturer, Kerchan is willing to offer you high quality products.

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